Lawn Mowing & Maintenance


Conclean is able to tailor our lawn maintenance services to each of our clients individually and adapt and expand our services as the needs and expectations of our clients change. For lawn and garden maintenance we provide services weekly, fortnightly, monthly, 6 weekly or quarterly, depending on the season and your needs.

Our team deliver on-off or on-going regular lawn maintenance services, arriving promptly, mowing your lawn areas, trimming edges and blowing down driveways, paths and car parks so everything is neat and tidy.

We also provide seasonal lawn maintenance that includes coring, top dressing and re-seeding. Soil can become compacted, particularly on high traffic areas and is particularly a problem with clay-based soils. Maintenance is best performed during early spring just before the main growing season, but can also be performed in autumn.


Lawn Maintenance Services:

Our lawn maintenance services include:

General lawn maintenance for home owners, General lawn maintenance for businesses,, Lawn Edging Mowing & Blowing, Lawn mowing including large areas, Lawn Fertilising, Seasonal lawn maintenance